At Entryway, we counsel a broad range of students and we have placed students at many different types of colleges throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our aim is to find the right fit for each student.

Our simple and effective strategy—“be alike but spike”— underlies our service. This means that the applicant must perform on a par with other students applying to similar colleges, while working to stand out from the pack—like a spike on a graph—in one area. Above all, we try to remove the stress from college admissions by empowering families with a proven strategy for success.

One-on-One Consulting Service

We work closely and intensively with students and families on all aspects of college preparation, including:

  1. Ensuring that students are “alike” (that is, on a par with) other successful applicants in terms of the basics:

  1. Helping students take the steps necessary to cultivate a “spike,” or area of distinction, including:

  1. Providing guidance on pre-application preparation, including:

  1. Providing guidance on the application itself, ensuring that it is both similar to and distinctive from the student’s peers, including: